Project 30 Residences in Skouloufia

Project 30 Residences in Skouloufia

The village Skouloufia had the name "Spilufia ", reportedly of the sources of 15th and 16th century and is well known from the years of Othoman domination in Crete and it has a rich history. Indicatively we mention, that Leonidas Bogiatzoglou came from this village as well as many other brave men who helped in the fight of Cretan people for freedom. Also from Skouloufia came also the very beautiful slave Helen Volonaki, that became Sultana after her marriage with the Albanian Moustafa' Naili. He was known with the name "giritli", which means “the Cretan”, because of his long time tarring at Crete.

Othomans so much in the village, as much as in entire Crete caused big destructions, like the holocaust of Arkadi, in which many men from Skouloufia participated.

Today many are saved monuments, mainly Byzantine churches, as the monument of Agios Ioannis(Saint John), that his sarcophagus has engraved the chronology of 1531. The church of Virgin Mary, the church of Agia Paraskevi(Saint Friday). The renovated of small industry which used to reproduce oil, and which now represents with conformity, the entire traditional process of oil production.

The village Skouloufia is in a nodal point for anyone who is looking for interesting paths, as the big sandy beach of Stauromenos, in distance of 8 kilometers. The monastery of Arkadi, with a history, that is closely connected to the village. Anyone who visits Skouloufia, should definitely visit the Cavern of Melidoni too, which has big archaeological speleological and historical interest. Also the ancient town of Elefterna, that is located 3 km from Skouloufia.

In the village there are many traditional cafes and taverns, which are close enough to the streambed that has a lot of plants.

For someone who wants a more cosmopolitan way of amusement can visit the town of Rethymno, that is only 18 km away from the Skouloufia. Rethymno is a town that combines harmonically the past, by the maintenance of excellent monuments, with the present and the modern way of life.

The complex of 30 residences will be constructed in the settlement Skouloufia of Municipal department of Arkadi, prefecture of Rethymno and situated in the location “Bolalena”. The place has splendid view to the sea, to the city of Rethymno and is in harmony with the environment. The distance from the sea is 5km.

The plot has area 4140.29 m2 and is shared in 5 smaller and equal plots. Each plot has a complex of 6 buildings, where each one brings a name inspired from the Minoan years.

  • The 1st plot of the complex named Minotaur has area 786,95 m2.
  • The 2nd plot of the complex named Double Ax has area 780,11 m2.
  • The 3rd plot of the complex named Knossos has area 810,27 m2.
  • The 4th plot of the complex named Dolphins has area 793,31 m2.
  • The 5th plot of the complex named Sun has area 780,47 m2.

The residences of each complex are placed in such way that all of them have view to the sea and the city of Rethymno. Also each complex will have its own swimming-pool, about 45m2 which will be constructed in the way that will be given the possibility of comfort and safety in the householders of residences.

Each complex has 6 identical residences (maizonette) with swimming pools.

Each building consists of: the ground floor 32,82m2+1st floor 37,37m2+half veranda 13m2= 83,19m2.

Way of construction:

The signifying organism of building is from armed concrete C20/25 and steel Fe360. The foundation is manufactured by armed concrete and the ground floor and the 1st floor by territorial reticular frame. The skeleton is constituted by metal trussing 10 cm thickness which are stick together with welding , after previously they are passed with special dye in 2-3 layers for fire safety. At the edges, at the setback of the building, at both sides of the openings and at the point that the wall meets the other become aids. In that way a reticular frame is created and with the combination of the roof, the building reacts as one. All the walls are signifying organism that is to say they take all charges.

At the static study the openings of each wall are taken into consideration. The building also is studied in charges of wind, snow, static and dynamic forces (earthquake). On each wall in the both sides of it, a metal lattice is brazed. The rooftop of the building is manufactured from terrace and roof with tiles with the properly insulation (heat insulation, impermeable). The floor of the 1st floor is also manufactured by metal lattice mullion. All the walls are coating from lime mortar (3 layers) and then is the colourings. When it is necessary, according the architectural plans, there is tile with stones. Coating of tiles no slip A quality at the external and internal spaces.

The frames are white aluminium opened or slide with shade, revocations and screens. The glasses are double for better sound isolation and heat insulation.

Internal doors from MDF with investment of veneer polish and the door’s wood also. The counter furniture of the kitchen and the wardrobes are laminate in colour by choice of the householder.

The cost of construction, as well as the sum of sale of each residence, is presented analytically in table following.

There are Plants and configurations in order that the buildings tie up harmoniously with the existing landscape.

  • Area: Crete / Rethymnon
  • Surface: τ.μ.
  • Property Code: 514
  • Price: 0


  • By the sea
  • Electricity
  • Garden
  • Αutonomous Ηeating
  • Parking
  • Sea View
  • Solar Heating Panels
  • Storage
  • Swimming Pool
  • Trees
  • Water System

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