Project 4 buildings to Haraso

Project 4 buildings to Haraso

The above plots are designed to be constructed with 2 buildings each one with common veranda.

Specifically, it is suggested to be constructed 2 buildings of 99.93 m² (ground floor) + 41.5 m² (attic) each on every plot. On the ground floor will be situated the living room and the dining room, the kitchen, one bedroom with its own bathroom, a room which can be used as an office and a bathroom. While on the attic there will be 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a small living room. Additionally, there is one common veranda of 92.96 m². All the buildings will have sea view.

On both plots a swimming pool can be constructed if the owner desires to.

Suggested materials:

  • Metal shell or concrete shell
  • Aluminum cavities
  • Ceramic tiles (a’ selection)
  • Roof from tiles
  • Wooden pergola

At the external space the company does all the necessary configurations, so the approaching will be easy and specific.

Suggested materials:

  • Traditional tiles on paved

An architectonic proposal is presented with virtual reality. It has been suggested a modern neoclassic sense at the plan of the building. The indoor materials will be definitely decided at the stage of the study, always in cooperation with the owner.

It is noticed that the above proposal is not bond (number and top of the buildings, etc)

Work steps:

Deposit of necessary papers in services (archeology, expropriation, etc)

  • Architectonic study (technical composition, designs )
  • Static study (technical composition, static study ‘s designs, static calculations)
  • Electrical- mechanical study ( mechanical calculations, designs )
  • Environmental study
  • Several studies (schedule, etc )

  • Area: Crete / Heraklion
  • Surface: τ.μ.
  • Property Code: 345
  • Price: 0


  • Central Heating
  • Electricity
  • Garden
  • Mountain View
  • Parking
  • Sea View
  • Storage
  • Swimming Pool
  • Water System

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