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Regional Areas
Information about Athens
Property Listings in Athens
Information about Crete
Property Listings in Crete
Information about Chania
Property Listings in Chania
Luxury villa in Platanias
Sea front land of 70.000sq.m in Chania
Plot with old house in Dramia
Land in Mathes area
Maisonette in Drapanos village
Plot with house in Paidohori village
Hotel in Georgioupolis
Villa with 500sq.m land in Kefalas
Villa with 1.500sq.m land in Kefalas
Project 35 villas in Douliana
Traditional Stone Houses in Gavalahori
Project 1 villa in Xirosterni
Two bedrooms apartment in Galatas
Three bedrooms apartment in Galatas
Studio in Galatas
Land by the sea in Katevati
Plot of 1.220,50sq.m in Kavros
Plot with old stone house in Kissamos
12 Villas complex in Chania
Villa 150sq.m on Kournas village
Plot of 1.500sq.m at Chania
Land of 6.000sq.m at Chania
Maisonette of 172sq.m in Kalives
Information about Heraklion
Property Listings in Heraklion
Land in Lygaria
Land in Elia village
Land in Stalida
Hotel in Agia Pelagia
Villa with land in Lygaria
Land in Messambelies
2 Apartments of 105sq.m in Pateles
Plot and House in Malia
2 Houses in Katsabas area
Project 4 buildings to Haraso
Plot in Kasteli village
House in Ano Kalesa
Zeus Complex in Lygaria
Land in Prinias village
Apartments - Vilas in Lygaria
3 floor Building in Tsalikaki
Plot of 187sq.m in Pateles
Plot in Agakou Metohi area
Land in Kamilari 2.239,62sq.m
Store with clothes in Heraklion
Land in Kamilari 5.675,70sq.m
Commercial property in Arhanes
Building in the Centre
Land in Xeropotamos
Villa with plot in Kastelli village
Land in Agia Pelagia 3.230sq.m
House in Pantanassa
Old stone house in Axlada
House in Nipiditos village
2 Commercial properties in Heraklion
House in Ag. Ioannis
Old house 60sq.m with plot in Myrtia
Plot 173sq.m in Pateles
Plot in Asimi
Land in Agia Pelagia 5.000sq.m
House with land in Fodele
Land in Skoteino village 4.203sq.m
Plot in Stalida
3 Offices in Heraklion
Land in Sarhos
Land in Voutes
3 Businesses in Kokkinos Pyrgos
Two-storied building in Papanastasiou
Land in Ahlada
Land in Agia Pelagia 6.000sq.m
6 newly built Maisonettes in Paliokastro
Land in Rogdia
Plot in Kamilari
4 maisonettes in Messabelies
Café Bar Restaurant in Hersonissos
Land in Agia Pelagia 5.534,17sq.m
Land in Agia Pelagia 4.000sq.m
Land in Elia village
Land by the sea in Agia Pelagia
Small Hotel in Malia
Land in Agia Pelagia 6.700sq.m
Plot in Gazi
Flat in Atsalenio
House of 134sq.m in Mires
Hotel in Piskopiano
Restaurant Pub Apartments in Hersonissos_
Villa in Ano Hersonissos_
Building in Agia Pelagia
Commercial property in Malia
Land in Agia Pelagia 25.000sq.m
2 villas with pool in Gouves
Hotel in Gouves_
Stone built maisonette in Hersonisos_
Old house with plot in Myrtia village
Old building in the Centre 80sq.m
Apartment of 90sq.m in Ag. Ioannis
Land in Skoteino village 6.140,38sq.m
Plot 364,78sq.m in Myrtia village
Land in Pendamodi village
Land in Livadia 12.688,8sq.m
Land in Livadia 26.667,86sq.m
Villa in Lygaria
Project 4 buildings to Haraso
Horse riding at Pendamodi village
4 stoned built houses in Kouses_
39 villas in Agia Pelagia
Apartment complex in Anisaras
Land in Kampos area
Land in Kokkini Hani
Plot 617,98sq.m in Agia Pelagia
2 villas in Kokkini Hani
Land in Myrtia village
Tavern in Amoudara
Plot in Alagni
Apartment in Lygaria
Building with 9 studios in TEI
Semibasement in Neos Kosmos area
Land in Pitsidia village
Plot 1.255,06sq.m in Agia Pelagia
Project 4 apartments in Therissos
Project 2 apartments in Poros
Project 4 apartments in Therissos
Project 4 apartments in Therissos
Project 2 apartments in Poros
Project 2 apartments in Poros
Plot in Kassani village
Project 4 buildings to Haraso
Luxurious apartment in Papanastasiou street
Plot in Agia Ekaterini area
Land of 5.000sq.m. in Asites
Plot of 300sq.m in Stamni village
Plot of 305sq.m in Gournes
Cafe-Restaurant in Malia
2 luxurious villas in Tylisos
Plot in Pirgou village
Latin Art Cafe in Heraklion
Luxurious villa in Katalagari
Plot 1.500sq.m in Myrtia village
Plot 2.500sq.m in Myrtia village
Plot 800sq.m in Myrtia village
Horse riding - Restaurant at Pendamodi
Land in Agia Pelagia 10.600sq.m
3 floor building in Vasilies
Apartments in Malia
Apartments in Malia
Two villas with pool in Gouves
Old building in the Centre 78sq.m
Land near Dafnes village
Land in Agia Pelagia 4.048,32sq.m
Ground floor house in Messabelies
Old stone building in Krousonas
Studio at Heraklion
Kiosk in Heraklion city
Commercial property and apartment in Atsalenio
Two floor building in Listaros
Villa in Voutes
Plot in Profitis Ilias
Nephele Complex in Agia Pelagia
Restaurant Cafe Pizzeria in Hersonissos
Ancient Gods Complex in Lygaria
House in Kato Kalesa
Plot of 2.243sq.m in Agriana village
Two Maisonettes in Ano Hersonissos
Plot in Syllamos
Traditional Hotel in Damasta
Plot of 463sq.m in Gazi
Plot of 312sq.m in Gazi
Land in Kallithea area
Plot in Hersonissos
Land of 6.592,67sq.m in Agia Pelagia
Commercial property in Malia area
Tavern - Apartments - Land in Stalida
Land in Arhanes
Plot in Vasilies
Land in Voutes 5.000sq.m
Flat 77sq.m in Therissos
Land of 1.485,38sq.m in Rogdia village
Flat of 90sq.m. in Mastabas
Newly built apartments in Messabelies
Land of 400sq.m in Gazi
Plot in Kerassa
Apartment in Therissos
3 Houses in Elia village
Land in Dafnes village
Plot in Vasilies village
Plot 100sq.m in Myrtia village
Land in Agia Pelagia 15.395,95sq.m
2 pieces of land in Agia Pelagia
House in Kitharida village
4 Maisonettes in Sivas village
Three floor building in Therissos
House in Nea Alikarnasso
Plot of 2.183,29sq.m in Profitis Ilias
Plot with building licence in Poros
Project Demophone in Theseus Beach Village
Plot of 2.037,15sq.m in Elia village
Old House of 80sq.m in Pitsidia village
Land of 4.047,34sq.m in Pitsidia village
Land of 3.015,37sq.m in Pitsidia village
Land of 12.500.000sq.m in Tsoutsouras
Land of 7.500.000sq.m in Tsoutsouras
Land of 5.000.000sq.m in Tsoutsouras
Land of 2.500.000sq.m in Tsoutsouras
Land of 2.500.000sq.m in Tsoutsouras village
Commercial property, in Heraklion
Plot of 1.707sq.m in Gazi
Land in Agia Pelagia 5.154,18sq.m
Land of 5.009,23sq.m in Malia
House 127sq.m with plot in Arhanes
Plot of 430sq.m in Elia village
Old stone house in Arhanes
Stone house in Pirgos
Villa 243sq.m in Agia Pelagia
Land of 14.000sq.m in Alagni
House in Fortetsa
Apartment in the Centre of Heraklion
Apartment of 143sq.m in Vasilies village
Flat of 72sq.m in Therissos
Commercial property of hairstylist's in Therissos
4 Newly built apartments in Messabelies
4 Newly built apartments in Messabelies
Plot of 4.244,59sq.m in Ano Vathia
4 Apartments in Alikarnasos
2 commercial properties in Pagritio
Apartment of 110sq.m at the coastwise
Apartment of 79sq.m at Therissos
Commercial property of Tavern in Alikarnassos
Plot of 120sq.m in Therissos
Luxurious House in Pateles
Land of 4.000sq.m in Elia village
Incomplete Luxurious Stone Villa at Siva village
Luxurious Stone Villa at Siva village
Three apartment at the Centre
2 Plots in Tsagaraki Metohi village
Plot 4.300sq.m in Myrtia village
House in Damasta village
Land of 9.000sq.m in Tsoutsouras
House of 126,10sq.m in Agios Sillas
Land by the sea in Keratokampos
Tavern in Koutouloufari
Apartment of 82,5sq.m in Mastabas
Commercial property with offices in Malades
House of 305sq.m in Finikia area
Plot of 502,48sq.m with licence in Ai Giannis
2 Luxurious villas on the sea
2 Houses in Agios Vlassis
Apartment of 48sq.m in Poros
Apartment of 74sq.m in Analipsi area
House of 150sq.m in Mastabas
House of 150sq.m in Mastabas
2 floor building in Listaros
House with 2.321sq.m plot in Gouves
Plot of 4.555,53sq.m in Profitis Ilias
Plot of 500sq.m in Gournes Temenous
Land of 6.900sq.m in Stalida
Two apartments in Therissos
Hotel Complex in Agia Pelagia
Commercial properties of Bake shop
Flat of 95,85sq.m. in Mastabas
Plot of 163,89sq.m in Messabelies
Plot of 352,152sq.m in Karteros
Land of 3.390,43sq.m in Prassas
Land of 2.000sq.m in Kounavous
Land of 3.750sq.m in Pentamodi
Tavern - Restaurant in Koutouloufari
Commercial property Tavern - Bar in Malia
House of 200sq.m in Kavrohori
2 autonomic buildings in Neos Kosmos
Land of 2.446,76sq.m in Voritsi village
Land of 8.990,76sq.m in Voritsi village
Land of 4.389sq.m in Ahlada
House if 120sq.m in Karteros
House of 275sq.m in Prassas
Building with apartments in Malia
Plot of 629sq.m in Stavrakia
Land of 11.000sq.m in Finikia
Land of 3.500sq.m in Elia village
Plot of 1.528,76sq.m in Agios Sillas
Plot of 800sq.m in Houmeri village
Building of 317sq.m, in Kaminia area
Old house in Poros
House in Avdou village
Land about 1.000sq.m in Dafnes
Land about 1.290sq.m in Dafnes
Land 4.000sq.m in Kiparissi
Incomplete House in Gouves
Flat of 67sq.m. in Mastabas
Land of 1.800,52sq.m in Fodele
Stone House of 101sq.m in Thrapsano
2 pieces of land in Fodele
Plot of 781,26sq.m in Fodele
Apartment of 120sq.m in Poros
Plot of 900sq.m in Kalloni
Plot of 1.258sq.m in Pateles
Land of 4.007,75sq.m in Skalani
Apartment of 100sq.m in Katsabas
House of 98sq.m in Pirgou village
Plot of 479sq.m in Messampelies
Plot of 210sq.m in Filothei
House with plot in Agios Sillas
House of 133sq.m in Gournes Temenous
Plot of 150sq.m in Koroni area
Building in Katsabas
Apartment in Pagritio stadium
Old stone build house in Arhanes
Plot of 173,84sq.m in Paliokastro
Land of 3.776,46sq.m in Ahlada
Land of 4.543,10sq.m in Ahlada
Land of 11.433,73sq.m in Ahlada
Old house at the centre of Heraklion
Land of 454.148,08sq.m. in Kastelliana
Plot of 585,24sq.m. in Vasilies village
Unfinished Apartment in Therissos
Maisonette of 126sq.m in Gazi
Commercial property - Restaurant at the Centre
Commercial property at the Centre
Unfinished apartment in Alikarnassos
Traditional house in Kato Asites village
Villa 200sq.m in Agia pelagia
Semibasement apartment of 64sq.m in Therissos
Old shop 22,66sq.m in Alikarnassos
Land of 1.950sq.m in Kamilari
Plot of 520sq.m in Messampelies
Plot of 475sq.m in Messampelies
2 floor building in Agia Triada
4 apartments in Kokkini Hani
Land in Agia Pelagia 78.000sq.m
3 apartments in Poros
2 Houses in Ano Gouves
Land of 4.067,97sq.m in Profitis Ilias
Plot of 210sq.m in Nea Alikarnassos
Land of 4.071,20sq.m at national road Heraklion - Mires
New 3 floor building in Lygaria
2 Villas under constuction for 160sq.m in Voutes
Plot of 425,64sq.m in Poros
Plot of 366,96sq.m. in Vasilies village
Apartment of 75sq.m in Mastabas
Hotel at Anisaras village
Flat of 63,57sq.m in Therissos
Land by the sea of 3.270sq.m, in Keratokampos
Newly built apartment in Dilina
Information about Lassithi
Property Listings in Lassithi
Stone-built house in Kali Strata
Hotel in Elounda
Land in Louma village 100.000sq.m
Land 100.000sq.m in Louma village
Hotel in Milatos
Land 248.665,92 sq.m in Analoukas area
Luxurious villa in Elounda
Structure with land in Elounda
Land by the sea in Sissi
Land in Agia Fotia
Land by the sea in Agia Fotia
Land by the sea in Makri Gialos
Land in Louma village 7.000sq.m
Land in Louma village 30.000sq.m
Villa with land in Fourni village
Land in Elounda
Old house in Kria
Hotel in Sissi village
Two villas close to Prinas
Store for rent in Plaka
Incompleted villa in Selinari
Land near Plaka village
Land in Milatos village
Semifinished building in Istron
Building in Istron
Land in Havgas
Land in Milatos
Land of 17.093,90sq.m in Elounda
House of 70sq.m. in Ammoudara
Two Luxurious Villas in Plaka village
Land of 4.000sq.m in Shinias
Land of 32.702sq.m in Xerokampos
Apartment of 60sq.m in Mavrikiano
Snack Bar in Makrigialos
Information about Rethymnon
Property Listings in Rethymnon
Furnished house in Pigi village
Project The 12 Olympian Gods
House in Loutra
Maisonnete in Skaleta
Small hotel in Bali
Three-room maisonette 93,97sq.m in Loutra-Village
Plot in Pigianos Kambos 1.800sq.m
15 plots, of 1.000sq.m. in Exandis
3 Plots of 1.000sq.m. in Exandis
Plot of 1.145sq.m. in Skouloufia
Project in Agios Mamas
Land by the sea in Bali
Two pieces of land in Erfi village
Land in Kastellos
Land in Latzimas
Hotel in Rodakino
Luxury 4 & 5 Star Hotel Complex
Plot with old house in Rethymnon
Land in Skepasti Milopotamou
Plot with old house in Hamalevri village
Venetian old building in Maroulas
Commercial property in Kallithea
Plot in Kirianna
Land in Rodakino
Two maisonettes in Adele
Land in Kaloniktis
Land in Agia Irini
Land in Perama Mylopotamou
Traditional house in the Old town
Office in Rethymnon
Land in Maroulas 10.664,04sq.m
Super Market in Plakias
Luxurious apartments at Skaleta
Plot in Prinos 10.000sq.m
Plot in Prinos 1.904sq.m
Plot in Prinos 907sq.m
Luxurious villa in Pigianos Kambos
8 maisonettes in Pigianos Kambos
Plot in Saktouria 4.000sq.m
Plot in Gallos village
Plot with maisonette in Gallos village
Traditional house in Loutra
Traditional old house in Orthes
Plot in Agia Paraskevi village
Plot in Pigianos Kambos 6.000sq.m
Plot in Pigianos Kambos 2.211sq.m
Rose villa in Rousospiti
Blue villa in Rousospiti
Maisonette of 75sq.m. in Bali
Plot in Estavromenos
Plot in Skaleta
Plot in Tsesmes village
Touristic enterprise in Garazo village
Land by the sea in Myrthios
Land by the sea in Atsipopoulo village
Traditional house in Aggeliana
Land in Amnatos
House in Platanes
Οld House in Kendrohori village
Plot in Moshoniana village
Old ruin house in Axlades
Land in Axlades village
New Apartment in Kallithea
2 Plots in Agios Konstantinos
Land in Gerani
Land at Aguseliana village
Old house in Patsos village
Plot in Kato Saktouria 2.600sq.m
Villa in Kastelakia area
Traditional house in Orthes village
Building with apartments and storage at Panormo
4 Maisonnettes in Roussospiti
Land in Maroulas 10.000sq.m
House with plot in Vatos village
Land of 12.000sq.m in Agia Triada
Traditional stone house in Prines
Traditional house in Vatos village
Traditional maisonette in Vatos village
Old house with plot in Amnatos
Plot in Erfi village
Maisonette of 133,14sq.m in Adele
Project 1 villa in Agia Triada
Villa in Bali
Plot 5.476,70sq.m in Gerani village
Land in Gerani
Land in Koufi village
Plot 609sq.m in Gerani
Maisonette in Agios Andreas
Old ruined house in Prines
Plot in Agios Dimitrios village
Plot in Pigianos Kambos 2.239sq.m
Plot by the sea in Agios Pavlos
Land in Gallos area
Plot in Kato Saktouria 4.100sq.m
Land in Saktouria
12 studios in Perivolia
Plot in Tria Monastiria
House in Koumpes
Old house in Moundros village
Plot in Pigianos Kambos 3.615sq.m
Plot with old house in Ano Valsamonero
Old house in Agios Ioannis
Business in the centre of Rethymnon
Maisonette for Rent in Mariou Village
Land in Patsos 3.447sq.m
Land in Kato Valsamonero
Plot in Kastellos village
Traditional house in Rethymnon
Maisonette of 110sq.m. in Bali
Land of 37.571 m² in Skepasti
Plot of 1.300m², by the sea in Sfakaki
Land of 1.400 m² in Sfakaki
House with plot in Roumeli
Commercial property in Old Town
Unfinished building in Missiria
Land of 6.003,64sq.m in Villandre
Plot of 5.436sq.m in Atsipopoulo
Maisonettes (4) in Ksiro Chorio
Maisonette of 133,14sq.m in Adele
Maisonette of 133,14sq.m in Adele
Project The 12 Olympian Gods
Project The 12 Olympian Gods
Land in Asteri
Maisonette in the Old Town
Plot of in Loutra Village
3 Maisonettes in Prines village
Land of 2993,93sq.m in Patsos
Coastal Villa in Panormo
Land in Kalo Chorafi
Old classical Villa in Agios Konstantinos
Project in Agios Mamas
Project in Agios Mamas
Renovated house in Hamalevri
Stone house in Hamalevri 160sq.m
Stone house in Hamalevri 140sq.m
Stone house in Hamalevri 120sq.m
Two plots in Adele
Land in Bali
Old traditional house in Rousospiti
6 Maisonettes in Hamalevri
Building in Rousosspiti
Land of 6.754,24sq.m. at Gerani
Stone House in Gerani
Complex with 14 Apartment in Missiria
12 Apartment Complex in Missiria
12 Apartment Complex in Missiria village
32 Apartment Complex in Missiria
Maisonette in Xromonastiri village
Land for sale in Latzimas 4467,81 sq.m
Land for sale in Episkopi village
Plot in Hamalevri
Land for sale with house
Project 1 villa in Agia Triada
Project 1 villa in Agia Triada
Project 1 apartment in Episkopi
Project 1 apartment in Episkopi
Project 1 apartment in Episkopi
Project 1 apartment in Episkopi
Project 1 apartment in Episkopi
Project 1 apartment in Episkopi
House 300sq.m. in Koube
House 90sq.m with land at Rusospiti
House with plot at Pigi
Apartment in Tsesmes
Apartment in Adelianos Kambos
Land in Xromonastiri village
Project 30 Residences in Skouloufia
Maisonette of 84sq.m at Skouloufia
Maisonnete with plot
Land of with old, stone-made house, in Marulas
Old house with plot
Apartment in Kallithea area
Old House, plot and land in Damavolou village
Project 30 Residences in Rethymnon, Crete
Plot with old house in Hamalevri
Plot with House in Missiria
Two traditional houses in Chromonastiri
Rental rooms in Agia Galini
4 Apartments with plots in Gerani
Maisonette with plot in Eleftherna
Maisonnete in Mathes village
Plot in Ano Varsamonero village
4 Plots in Karoti village
Plot in Monopari village
Plot in Mathes village
Unfinished building in Damavolou
Plot in Kastelos village
Plot in Maroulas village
Land in Agios Konstantinos village
Maisonette with plot in Erfous Village
Block of Flats in Kalithea
Commercial property in Perivolia
Block of Flats in Roussospiti village
Plot in Agios Nikolaos, Rethymnon
Land of 4.000sq.m. in Aggeliana
Plot of 368,55sq.m in Roumeli village
Old house with plot in Pagalochori
Villa in Episkopi of Rethymno
Renovated house of 70sq.m. in Apodoulou village
House of 70sq.m. in Apodoulou village
Plοt with 4 licenses to build in Abelaki
Old three-levels house in Rethymno
Land in Akumia
Flat of 88sq.m. in Kallithea
Old house in Zouridi village
Maisonette in Pervolia of Rethymno
Plot of 917.27sq.m. in Agia Paraskevi
House and commercial enterprise in Estavromenos
Land of 7.710sq.m. at Metochia
Maisonette in Moni Arsaniou
Plot of 5.200sq.m in Erfi village
Apartment of 140sq.m in Rethymno
Two maisonettes 89 sq.m each in Mariou
Two maisonettes 110,72 sqm each in Mariou
House of 83sq.m in Prinos village
House with rent rooms in Argyroupoli village
Plot of 2.915,68sq.m in Kalonykti village
Block of houses in Roussospiti
Block of Flats in Kallithea
Holiday home comblex in Loutra village
Plot of 506,33sq.m in Sellia village
Two maisonettes in Roussospiti
Old house with plot in Margarites village
Traditional house with garden
Land of 4.426sq.m in Gerani
Villa Galeriana in Kalonychtis village
Old house in Arhondiki
Land of 1.365sq.m in Amnatos
Land of 1.975sq.m in Amnatos
Maissonette 84 sq.m at Gallou
Apartment 101 sq.m at Misiria area
Land of 4.000sq.m in Pigi village
Agrotourism Houses in Angeliana
Land of 2.302sq.m at Pigi village
House with Land of 4.000sq.m
Plot of 1.498sq.m. with building license
Τhree-room- appartment 77,96sq.m in Loutra-Village
Newly build House of 100sq.m in Rethymnon
Two-room appartment 55 sq.m in Loutra-Village
Land by the sea in Agios Pavlos
Three-room maisonette 90sq.m in Loutra-Village
Maisonette of 245sq.m in Prinos
Suite of 70sq.m close to Rethymnon
2 Apartments of 75sq.m close to Rethymnon
2 Maisonettes of 95sq.m close to Rethymnon
Private villa in Kalonichtis
Information about Cyclades
Property Listings in Cyclades
Information about Antiparos
Property Listings in Antiparos
Plot of 1.000sq.m in Antiparos
Information about Iraklia
Property Listings in Iraklia
Plot in Iraklia island
Information about Milos
Property Listings in Milos
Land in Milos island
Information about Mykonos
Property Listings in Mykonos
14 Villas in Mykonos island
Luxurious waterfront Villa in Mykonos
Information about Paros
Property Listings in Paros
Information about Santorini
Property Listings in Santorini
Venetian Stone building in Santorini
Plot in Emporios area in Santorini
Hotel for sale with 10 apartments
Half finished construction with 3 stocks
Apartments in Kamari village
Traditional House in Santorini
Information about Serifos
Property Listings in Serifos
Information about Sifnos
Property Listings in Sifnos
Information about Epirus
Property Listings in Epirus
Information about Arta
Property Listings in Arta
Information about Igoumenitsa
Property Listings in Igoumenitsa
Plot of 1.600sq.m in Igoumenitsa
Information about Ionian Islands
Property Listings in Ionian Islands
Information about Zakynthos
Property Listings in Zakynthos
3 Luxurious Maisonettes in Tragaki
Information about Macedonia
Property Listings in Macedonia
Information about Drama
Property Listings in Drama
Information about Halkidiki
Property Listings in Halkidiki
Hotel Golden Bay in Halkidiki
2 Maisonettes at Polihrono
Plot of 2.340sq.m in Neos Marmaras
Plot of 2.250sq.m in Neos Marmaras
A top Unfinished hotel first thing in the beach of Chalkidiki Pirgadikia
Information about Kavala
Property Listings in Kavala
Information about Serres
Property Listings in Serres
Information about Thessaloniki
Property Listings in Thessaloniki
Two Rooms Flat in Thessaloniki
Three Rooms Flat in Thessaloniki
Information about North Aegean Islands
Property Listings in North Aegean Islands
Information about Lesvos
Property Listings in Lesvos
Two floor House of 90sq.m in Lesvos
Information about Samos
Property Listings in Samos
Ηouse in Samos island
Information about Peloponnese
Property Listings in Peloponnese
Information about Kalamata
Property Listings in Kalamata
Information about Loutraki
Property Listings in Loutraki
Information about Monemvasia
Property Listings in Monemvasia
Hotel in Monemvasia
Information about Nafplion
Property Listings in Nafplion
Land in the beach Irion
Information about Porto Heli
Property Listings in Porto Heli
Information about Saronic Gulf Islands
Property Listings in Saronic Gulf Islands
Information about Hydra
Property Listings in Hydra
Plot in Hydra
Information about Sporades Islands
Property Listings in Sporades Islands
Information about Skiathos
Property Listings in Skiathos
Plot in Skiathos
Information about Skopelos
Property Listings in Skopelos
Plot of 914sq.m in Skopelos
Information about Skyros
Property Listings in Skyros
Land in Atsitsa
Land by the sea of 857,46sq.m in Skyros island
Information about Sterea Hellas
Property Listings in Sterea Hellas
Information about Chalkida
Property Listings in Chalkida
Information about Evia
Property Listings in Evia
Plot in Pefki
Land in Pefki
Plot of 12.806,10sq.m in Ritsona
Information about Thessaly
Property Listings in Thessaly
Information about Pelion
Property Listings in Pelion
Project for Hotel Residence at Pelion
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