Prompt Service

Through the latest, most advanced computerized system in the European real estate market, DIAS real estate consultants serve their clients in a most personalized fashion. Immediate access to all data of our extensive property portfolio, constant display of all properties as well as the rapid response of our professional team to a large number of requests daily help us serve all customers to acquire the property they desire.


Legal Support

DIAS legal advisers deal exclusively with real estate. Familiar with all legal and tax changes, they help clients save time and money, as well as open the way to the acquisition of the desired piece of property.


Technical Support

A group of experienced engineers trained in a variety of subjects constantly communicates with DIAS, providing appropriate advice as well as performing all necessary inspections, investigations with the urban planning authorities, acquisition of licenses, as well as legalization processes, freeing customers from unnecessary discomfort, high costs and waste of time.



The value of a second-hand property is greatly enhanced by total or partial renovation. Our specially trained engineers undertake renovation projects responsibly, using reliable teams of workers at most competitive prices. They redesign spaces to be renovated in accordance to customer requirements and deliver brand-new buildings, in full accordance to the aesthetic and functional specs given and at reasonable prices.


Property Valuations

Property valuation is considered one of the most significant services related to property ownership and management, concerning every party interested to buy, lease or sell real estate.

The complexity of the property market, the special fields and range of knowledge and the required continuous professional development by trained property professionals, has led the specialization and the experience to be two significant factors affecting the reliability of a valuation report.

Dias Real Estate, based in the principle of offering integrated services in Real Estate, has secured strategic partnership with RICS accredited professionals in order to be able to offer its clients high rated property valuation, management, client representation and technical due diligence services.

Fields of expertise:

  • Property Valuations
  • Industrial Properties & Machinery Valuations
  • IFRS
  • Investment Appraisals

Valuation Services:

  • IFRS Valuations
  • Valuations for secured lending
  • Valuations of Trade related Properties
  • Valuations of property portfolios, collections and group of properties
  • Valuation for the acquisition/ disposal of a property
  • Valuations for lease renewals
  • Investment and development appraisals



Oftentimes, reality is close to dreaming. At other times it lies much further. In any case, if money is an issue, our specialized team handling loans, in cooperation with the largest Greek banks, swiftly guides clients in acquiring loans and secures the greatest percentage of acceptance possibilities.



For each loan granted through DIAS, we take care of insurance both for the property and its contents, and for the new owner. In cooperation with reliable insurance companies, insurance services are provided promptly, at the best prices.


Legal protection

Each owner has the right to protect his/her assets. DIAS takes care to provide legal protection to all customers that entrust it.